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欧阳靖 - Thank You
[id:$00000000] [ti:Thank You] [ar:欧阳靖] [00:00.48]Thank You - 欧阳靖 [00:03.71]This feels good right here just happy to be here I mean [00:12.94]I gotta take a moment to thank those that made a difference [00:15.96]Whether small or big damn where should I start though [00:22.75]First and foremost I gotta give praise [00:25.19]To the Lord above and his Almighty ways [00:27.84]Blessin' me with the gift to lift spirits [00:30.41]And evoke emotions through these words everytime you hear it [00:33.24]I got the lyrics and flow I'm capable so [00:35.85]When I blow just know this one's for April and Joe [00:38.69]Me and my little sister we're grateful you know [00:41.33]Wish I could see you more Avah at the rate that you grow [00:44.23]My favorite uncle Franky for opening ya door [00:46.70]When I ain't have a place to stay I crashed on your floor [00:49.64]Taught me the basic survival tools [00:51.57]Auntie Cathy every summer kept me in vacation Bible school [00:55.53]Mr Diskin for more than passin' grades [00:58.09]And my fourth grade teacher Mr Scott who passed away [01:00.89]Peep how I met Kamel corner on the street [01:03.45]We goin' to the top let's do it for Shawna and Jaleek [01:06.29]In the beginnin' no one was on Jin's side folks [01:08.95]Bar and Amory whoa Bundy that's an inside joke [01:11.58]Before bullshit friendships synthetic for cream [01:14.63]Chilled with my wall click Bryan Cedric and Jean [01:17.01]So when I moved to NY chose to invest in a few [01:20.03]One love to Patricia Ben and the rest of the crew [01:22.79]To be loved is a privilige that's what I was told [01:25.47]A gem from my man unless more precious than gold [01:28.13]Infamous Joe lacin' my tatt so sick [01:31.05]Fong Yungmac and Ken down at Ho Yips [01:33.78]To Dee Waah Chivon and the rest of the deans [01:36.55]For believing in a young man obsessed with a dream [01:39.29]Allowin' me to write history create my own chapter [01:42.31]All original ryders and the generation after [01:44.99]The double R staff my thanks worth a million [01:47.74]And the whole 30th floor at the Universal buildin' [01:50.37]You could never walk in my shoes or stand in my boots [01:53.06]Know how I came up I'll never abandon my roots [01:55.70]Yeah C Rayz Poison Pen for sharing the stage [01:58.58]Shouts to stronghold tone and the rest of the plague [02:01.30]Ask Big Zoo we ten steps ahead of ya [02:04.26]Vice versus eye to eye E-O dub regulars [02:07.01]My man J pure for bringin' the heat right [02:09.63]And the rest of the poets chillin' under streetlights [02:12.47]Just keep the beats tight shouts to the record spinners [02:15.48]Enough felli fell and all the heavy hitters [02:18.09]Kubichi K Sly hold me down in LA [02:20.64]Might catch me flickin' it up with von in the bay [02:23.50]Then it's off to the wake up show with tech and sway [02:26.27]Or big nat and foot out in VA [02:29.11]It's damn near tradition to kick a freestyle [02:31.84]Anytime I'm with Eddie Francis out in Seatown [02:34.69]Can't forget hometeam as high as I be [02:37.29]Supa Cindy Big Lip and DJ Irie [02:40.09]The club and mixtape DJ's that break records [02:42.98]'Cause thanks to them we've heard some great records [02:45.61]Shouts out to the technicians they get props [02:48.58]Feel free to holla anytime you need drops [02:51.15]Bob Collina the only one to call [02:53.97]Anytime ya boy Jin gota run in with the law [02:56.71]Bert Padell A K A Big Babe Ruth [02:59.51]Got the brinks truck outside let's get paid loot [03:02.07]6 4 6 6 the trips back and forth [03:04.87]From the studio to the crib I'm never slackin' off [03:07.66]How 'bout will Spivey and of course Killa Kai [03:10.41]Boondo Randy Feron just a few of my [03:13.13]Close associates that I love to see [03:15.94]School me to the game like Joe box and Brother E [03:18.66]Razor and Mario for all them times we rocked shows [03:21.26]To the rest of 176 tato [03:24.17]Holla front dot com go register today [03:27.02]Peter Jun Rock Lisa Landy and J [03:29.77]Keepin' me fresh Ellis at the barbershop [03:32.43]Coast to coast lifestyles reppin' the R alot [03:35.49]My man cartoon bringin' the fresh sound [03:38.09]Cookie and mag OG's holdin' the West down [03:40.85]And of course Swizz Blocks Carl climax [03:43.69]Far east movement they got what ya minds lack [03:46.34]T dot Montreal where I keep mass appeal [03:49.14]Romero baby you R G and Neil [03:52.05]It pays to keep it real even more to be sincere [03:54.44]Thanks to B E T for jump startin' my career [03:57.27]As for one oh six who they askin' about [04:00.08]Free and A J can't wait to see yall back on the couch [04:02.99]And MTV for givin' advance warnings [04:05.83]John Singleton plus the chance at performin' [04:08.40]The soul stopper X L Rolling Stone vibe [04:11.24]The truth the lies the layout in rides [04:13.93]For every write up forever in context [04:16.91]King magazine Elle girl and complex [04:19.45]To all the producers for providin' the beats [04:22.04]Shouts to Neo Tunehedz Divine and Elite [04:24.89]JR Wyclef Kanye can I rep [04:27.62]This is real hip hop be damned if I let [04:30.34]Y'all tell me otherwise 'cause we so live [04:33.10]This one's for 954 and 305 [04:35.95]All the way to 718 and 212 [04:38.51]And if you ever showed love this one's for you [04:41.25]But I gota say thanks even those that hated [04:44.14]'Cause 'cause ya'll kept me motivated [04:52.00]You see lot times [04:53.14]People dont appreciate the love and support [04:55.09]That they get from they family an' friends [04:57.89]Haters and all they are locked into but not me [05:01.99]See I never take none of that for granted [05:04.77]So I knew I had to take a moment [05:06.37]And atleast let ya'll know how I felt about it [05:08.73]C'mon [05:09.37]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all [05:12.01]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all [05:14.78]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all [05:17.43]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all [05:19.56]'Cause when I'm sure there is no me [05:22.92]Oh my cha I can't forget about you [05:26.02]I know when you make sinners down [05:28.28]You doin' a real good job on that [05:31.79]I know I probaly forgot a ton of people [05:33.60]But don't think that you know count it [05:37.14]Anyway you want it's just that [05:40.27]It's a lot goin' on right now [05:42.62]I got my element [05:44.88]Little bit of Henessee left in my cup [05:47.62]No I don't even drink like that [05:50.30]I love ya the rest is history baby [05:53.59]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all [05:56.13]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all [05:58.81]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all [06:01.52]I gotta thank God I wanna thank y'all






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