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Eminem、2 Chainz、PHRESHER - Chloraseptic (Explicit)
[id:$00000000] [ar:Eminem/2 Chainz/PHRESHER] [ti:Chloraseptic (Explicit)] [by:] [hash:c4184741e83577f68edb96ada2df9972] [al:] [sign:] [qq:] [total:0] [offset:0] [00:00.10]Eminem、2 Chainz、PHRESHER - Chloraseptic (Remix) [00:00.02]Written by:Marshall Mathers/D. Porter/E. Sermon/P Smith/T. Epps/K. Rutling [00:00.62]2 Chainz yeah yeah [00:03.16]Take 'em to church I'm talking the tabernacle [00:05.80]It's the return of the body snatcher [00:07.48]Walk in the spot make my woman smack ya woo [00:10.06]In a fruit fight I aim at your Adam's apple [00:12.77]Pull up in the candy car eatin' a candy bar [00:14.85]And my girl eatin' a candy apple [00:16.29]Yuh I line their a** up I aim at their cruiser [00:19.77]All of these stones on my neck uh [00:21.48]They must have looked at medusa [00:22.85]Pockets rasputia of course [00:24.18]I drove some rims to court I f**ked some twins before [00:26.81]I had a Benz before [00:28.16]This is the sin report [00:29.45]This is the murder murder pass the burner 'em [00:31.61]Your money shorter than an acronym [00:33.30]Big body when I'm backin' in [00:35.15]Ladi dadi got a bunch of bodies n**ga [00:37.22]Fakin' n**ga human traffickin' woo [00:39.29]I'm on the act again this ain't an accident [00:42.77]King like Ak ron [00:44.10]I run the trap again [00:45.38]You on the treadmill treadmill [00:47.59]Never Neverland sh*t came with a Ferris wheel god d**n [00:51.29]Ferris day off baby AR in the same car [00:53.91]Most of y'all my sons aww look at little JR [00:56.44]F-12 same color Kate moss ugh [00:58.70]I'm talking wrist in the pot [01:00.07]I'm talking this and you not [01:01.33]I'm talking bricks and you not [01:02.58]I'm talking straight up and down [01:03.95]N**ga like 6 o'clock [01:05.28]This is the equinox this what the people want [01:07.88]Somebody at the door I heard the speaker knock uh [01:10.96]I'm at your throat like chloraseptic 'septic [01:14.50]And you got strep I'm too complex with 'plex with [01:17.96]This sh*t I wrote is on some next sh*t next sh*t [01:21.51]I'm at your throat I'm feelin' reckless reckless yeah [01:26.51]Do me a favor don't do me no favors [01:28.21]These b**ches got flavors [01:29.09]They all wanna smoke but ain't doing' no labor [01:30.87]But they shoppin' at they stingin' like tasers [01:32.64]Act Hollywood like they play for the Lakers [01:34.32]They fly on the latest [01:35.33]Crocs alligators say hi to my haters [01:37.13]Pardon my neighbor we eatin' [01:38.36]That chicken lobster potatoes [01:39.79]You must be sniffin' that yayo [01:41.04]If you don't think I'm that n**ga [01:42.29]Swagger on 10 since a day old [01:43.68]It's a okay though whippin' up whip like it's mayo [01:45.93]Every track is a KO f**k n**ga KO [01:48.07]Go off your head like I'm Ayo [01:49.44]Out of this world talkin' NATO [01:50.77]It's' cos of jail don't be an A hole [01:52.55]'Cause I got shooters that shoot when I say so like lord [01:54.78]Wanna be in my shoes you ain't paid no dues [01:56.82]Real n**ga you ain't break no rules [01:58.58]High school n**gas ate your food [01:59.82]Might dumb it down a little but I ain't no fool [02:02.48]N**gas hate every day b yeah [02:04.18]Sh*t is o c lately yeah [02:05.83]Gotta break 'em off with these dre beats yeah [02:07.76]Or I might go crazy yeah [02:09.30]These n**gas too god d**n lazy [02:10.91]Don't ever ever ever try to play me [02:12.57]Lil' shawty now coming from BK [02:14.34]But I'm tryna come up like Jay Z [02:16.30]Nothing but love from my heart [02:18.15]I feel entitled to titles [02:19.90]F**k it man I want the title [02:21.73]My mission is [02:22.20]I'm at your throat like chloraseptic 'septic [02:25.06]And you got strep I'm too complex with 'plex with [02:28.61]This sh*t I wrote is on some next sh*t next sh*t [02:32.16]I'm at your throat I'm feelin' reckless reckless yeah [02:37.24]Bin laden with a pen body it again [02:38.64]I begin slaughterin' your men prolly shoulda been [02:40.42]Ali or the Svengali embodiment of sin [02:42.21]Like a Saudi in the Taliban plotting an event [02:44.02]In the lobby of the intercontinental [02:44.82]With an obvious intent [02:45.40]And I will not even relent up on a little [02:46.98]Like Osama with a bomb under the bin [02:48.34]And down the middle of the pentagon [02:49.75]And hit a kindergartener with a rental stop [02:51.24]Back and forth back and forth [02:52.96]Like Jack Kevorkian's *** to court [02:54.71]Rap mature why can't you be like Macklemore huh [02:57.46]Why you always gotta smack a w**re [02:59.05]It's likely the psychiatric ward's a last resort [03:01.77]Something's gotta give that's for sure [03:03.56]Yet you keep coming back for more [03:05.26]Not as raw as I was walk on water sucks [03:07.83]B**ch suck my d**k [03:08.85]Y'all saw the tracklist and had a fit' fore you heard it [03:11.25]So you formed your verdict [03:12.25]While you sat with your arms crossed [03:13.79]Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs chill [03:16.39]Nah dog y'all sayin' I lost it your f**kin' marbles are gone [03:19.81]But nowadays every flow every cadence sounds the same [03:22.59]Brain's a powder keg I draw inspiration out of hate [03:25.95]Real pain in the paper I don't trace [03:27.68]But if I look strange and out of place [03:29.48]It's 'cause I'm an alien that's why I write 'til the page is outta space yeah [03:34.25]From 7 mile in Novara [03:35.63]To how can I be down all of us tryna pile in the car yeah [03:38.43]We shot for the stars yeah [03:39.75]'Cause we only got so much time in this world yeah [03:41.75]So rewind it to your high school dance [03:43.54]To the night before [03:44.58]If you think you're promised tomorrow yeah [03:46.22]Now I'm 'bout to fool again [03:47.34]This tune is sick it's luminous the moon is lit [03:49.05]A freakin' lunatic a human computer chip [03:50.98]And I'm soon to stick a broom in the uterus [03:52.66]Of your hooter's chick [03:53.41]If I was you I wouldn't do nothing stupid due to the mood I'm in [03:56.16]I'm losin' it you get chewed like a junior mint [03:57.97]Show me who to rip it's time for you to get screwed [03:59.87]Empty the lubricant and put super glue in it [04:02.11]How many f**kin' rappers did I go through [04:03.37]I spelled out and you won't admit I smoked [04:04.99]And you was spellbound hell bound in my snowsuit [04:06.80]But am I s'posed to sound like everything else out [04:09.15]'Cause I don't get compared to it only myself now [04:10.93]And I can see the fair weather fans and sales down [04:12.68]But the only way I care is if I let myself down [04:14.51]But what the f**k have I awoke to [04:15.89]Time to eat the vocals and sh*t out pro tools [04:17.55]I know you still want me to ill out don't you [04:19.25]Hopin' the old Slim's gonna spill out open [04:20.82]Fire on your whole camp with this spit I wrote you [04:22.79]So chill out no you h**s couldn't roast me with the sh*t I wrote you [04:25.50]Then I took a stand went at tan face [04:27.00]And practically cut my mothaf**kin' fan base in half and still outsold you [04:30.53]You just called my sh*t trash [04:31.81]Thank God I rap better when the odds are stacked [04:33.40]Revival's wack I don't like the zombie track [04:35.08]Or when he's talking that garbage psychotic crap [04:36.81]Where's your content at what's with all the conscious rap [04:38.60]P!nk Beyoncé this and Kehlani that yeah [04:40.42]I just added to the fuel in my rocket pack [04:42.16]'Til I'm ready to respond then I'ma launch it at 'em [04:44.05]Idiotic from the f**kin' embryonic sac [04:45.73]To the bodybag I'll be back [04:46.95]And when I am I'll be at your f**kin' throat like






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