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Jay Park、King Leez、Anthony Danza、金孝恩、pH-1、Geo、Chaboom、DJ Wegun - GRAYGROUND Cypher (Prod. By GRAY)
[id:$00000000] [ar:Jay Park、King Leez、Anthony Danza、金孝恩、pH-1、Geo、Chaboom、DJ Wegun] [ti:GRAYGROUND Cypher(Prod. By GRAY)] [by:] [hash:9eaa2ed66cd92ae7cc4ebaec7bcc5c77] [al:] [sign:] [qq:] [total:432065] [offset:0] [00:00.31]Jay Park、King Leez、Anthony Danza、金孝恩、pH-1、Geo、Chaboom、DJ Wegun - GRAYGROUND Cypher(Prod. By GRAY) [00:03.55]Written by:Jay Park、King Leez、Anthony Danza、Keem Hyo-Eun、pH-1、Geo of Blue Scholars、Chaboom [00:06.58]Composed by:GRAY、DAX、Jay Park [00:07.79]Arranged by:GRAY、DAX [00:08.80]Scratch by:DJ Wegun [00:22.00]Never again never again [00:22.95]Will I go broke me and my friends [00:24.41]Coming up haters we shut up them [00:25.42]Korean zombie like uppercut way we hit them [00:27.43]아무 recipe 없이 [00:28.45]정상을 10년째 유지하지 [00:29.97]Don't give a f**k [00:30.58]좆대로 원한 걸 하면서 [00:31.69]존나게 허슬하지 [00:33.22]이 위치는 내가 유일해 [00:34.59]I'm the only one [00:35.81]나 홀로 이 부담 [00:36.77]나눌 사람은 없단걸 [00:38.54]내 회사 두 개 가족 [00:39.65]친구들 다 책임져 [00:41.22]불가능해 보여도 [00:42.18]어떤 방법 쓰던 get it done [00:43.92]다 가짜여도 [00:44.63]어쩔 수 없다는걸 난 알아챘어 [00:46.66]그 세계에서 나를 뺐어 [00:47.93]그건못써 적응했어 [00:49.76]나보다 나쁜 새끼많아도 [00:51.22]난 벌을 섰어 [00:52.29]엄마 못 봐서 [00:53.10]울었던 내가 좀 많이컸어 [00:55.03]언제부터 갱스터 [00:56.06]친구들이 많이생겼어 [00:57.63]아무리케이팝이어도 [00:58.99]Real recognize real [01:00.00]끼리끼리 뭉쳐 내뱉어 the sh*t you feel [01:02.75]H1GHRAOMG 계약하면 [01:04.37]That's a f**king deal [01:05.53]이 비트 태워 GRAY형한테 [01:07.05]바로 사과해 [01:08.11]난 CJ한테 우리 아티스트 [01:09.57]챙기라고 압박해 [01:10.59]난 예수처럼 모두 잘 되라고 [01:12.41]내 몸희생해 [01:13.42]자꾸 원하지 않은 놈들이 [01:15.09]나한테 기생해 d**n [01:17.02]이건 랩스킬로 커버안돼 [01:18.89]음원 1위하고 [01:20.27]팬 많아도 커버 안돼 [01:21.88]난 영혼에서만 나오는 기법써 [01:24.26]흉내 아닌 [01:24.97]아무나 못 따르는 진정성 [01:27.04]It's Jay [01:28.31]Got the call from Park I thought my momma passed [01:30.67]Sitting in the dark reciting knowing every line will gas [01:33.20]Never made the honor roll never seen an honor class [01:35.83]Leez was in the streets you had to visit me behind a glass [01:38.70]Snot nose kid ready to pop that Sig [01:40.77]Ready to mop them niggas show them they not that big [01:43.50]They tell me watch this clip [01:44.81]Look what the cops just did [01:46.18]They killed another civilian and so the plot gets thick [01:49.01]So whats your worst fear what you working with and whats your worth here [01:52.07]Passionate about it ever since I shed my first tear [01:55.07]Killers lamping round him so its obvious they work here [01:57.58]Payroll shooters who maneuver with him through turfs yea yea [02:00.61]Seeing results and hoping we deserve it [02:02.55]Father figure took him for dessert then later he deserted [02:05.18]Catching major cases wasn't there to see them read the verdict [02:07.91]Label me as dangerous but you clearly see he needs a purpose [02:10.69]Ain't nobody perfect ain't nobody perfect trying to break the surface [02:13.73]I'm just knowing that no one can stick a-round as the earth [02:16.51]As they lurking I know I see them I got 20/20 [02:18.89]I hope they finally approach me cause I got plenty fullys [02:21.58]King [02:22.33]Day dreams vanilla cake and apple pies [02:25.02]Soda fountains mountains alps and alibis [02:27.70]I'm the plug like Bon Scott [02:29.57]In the game John Snow [02:30.89]Vision like John Stock [02:32.40]We went from hugging the block to feeling the glow [02:34.87]5 star tels towels champagne still stealing the robes [02:38.62]Microwave generation but still on the stove [02:41.36]That analog Pyrex is still in my soul [02:44.10]On your marks ready set go ready invest [02:46.88]Its still Air Max 90's the hoodies and vests [02:49.52]Michael Jordan's playground like could he be next [02:52.30]Couldn't jump so I jumped the train like woody and wes [02:54.99]Get the call I still knock a body off [02:57.61]Kick it like Chun Li even where my son be [03:00.44]Underground sh*t I keep my pimp where my Bun B [03:03.03]Now put your hands where the sun be [03:04.72]This a stick up [03:27.38]1lly AMBITION 다 해 먹어 [03:28.19]그럼 쟤네들은 삐져 [03:29.39]돌아갈 수는 없지 않냐 [03:30.47]이 몸이 돌다리 그지 시절 [03:32.10]나를 무시하던 놈들의 [03:33.26]주둥이에다가 달았지 zipper [03:34.88]나를 무시하던 년들의 가랑이 [03:36.35]사이는 열렸지 zipper [03:37.61]돈 빌려 달라는 [03:38.42]친구놈한테는 말하지 [03:39.53]병신아 미안 [03:40.30]줄 서 기다려 샹 [03:41.10]내가 주는 대로 받아 [03:42.11]처먹어라 식판 [03:43.07]기껏 CD 한 장에 서운해하며 [03:44.59]우리 친구 아닙니까 [03:45.81]그런 CD 한 장 니 돈 줘 사 봤냐 [03:47.22]우리 친구 아닙니까 [03:48.54]F**k it 사실 좆도 관심도 없지 [03:51.03]너랑 나 그리 친하지도 않다고 yea [03:53.91]내게는 [03:54.31]그리 진하지도 않다고 피 [03:56.38]빌어먹을 집 구석 떠나와 living in a dream [03:59.43]이놈들은 꿀이나 빠는 배부른 pooh [04:01.91]내가 꿈꾸던 삶을 살아보자니 술 [04:04.59]살아보자니 붙어는 있더냐고 숨 [04:07.32]아니 이대로 날아가 버려 [04:08.79]저 멀리 우주 [04:10.58]Now who the boss [04:11.39]You shoulda known [04:12.14]PH be the pseudonym [04:13.36]Came from a town without nothing [04:14.82]Used to spin Jays for some profit [04:17.01]Couple years later [04:18.13]I'm rockin a baller chain [04:19.49]My style is iced outfreezin the brain [04:21.62]Ahead of the rest [04:22.32]It's no competition [04:23.63]Don't ever try and cross me that's my proposition [04:26.31]But if you ever do [04:27.47]You'll see me at the junction in a pro position [04:29.67]Stay alert and cautious expect repercussions [04:32.58]Shooting caffeine in the membrane as I grind harder [04:35.27]Only looking back so I can right my wrongs no ghost writer [04:38.15]A family of four [04:39.41]We used to dream of all the things we could never afford [04:42.22]Now I'm counting cash and writing checks a bank teller [04:44.85]A way to show love to my mama but I still tell her [04:47.53]To verbalize a moment like this [04:50.28]We came a long way [04:51.54]Ain't nothing new [04:52.61]That's why I always skip the front page [04:55.48]Time to turn these embers into to fire again [04:57.81]Itching like a baller coming back out of retirement [05:00.44]God of my ocean I been posted like leviathan [05:03.26]Technology been changing my environment [05:05.93]Mercury rising empires were meant to fall [05:08.66]Crystal ball upper levels melting like the Mendenhall [05:11.42]Same sh*t from Seattle Seoul to Senegal [05:14.15]Digital dreams translated back to analog man [05:17.68]Dying harder than a old habit [05:20.22]Got two sons like lukes home planet [05:22.54]Got a duffle bag of can in every color [05:25.08]Cause they trying to make us monochromatic [05:27.21]But they can't cause we on that international sh*t [05:29.84]Pacific Rim Northwest to the opposite edge [05:32.51]Still on my scholar sh*t without a scholarship [05:35.38]Been blessed but I don't need these f**kers to acknowledge it [05:38.62]Promises made in another era [05:40.61]Since'09 9 straight that's that escalera [05:43.34]My mind states prime rate get your 3% up [05:46.13]I'm west coast like the plaza up in white center [05:48.81]True to the art [05:49.82]They love it when I'm zooming with park [05:51.61]Been pursued while I'm bluest when I move in the dark [05:54.28]Contribution to the movement I'm just doing my part [05:57.19]Always know how it ends but I don't know how it start [05:59.77]Come on [06:00.12]난 한몫 크게 땡겨 위로가지 rocket launch [06:02.60]불을 뿜어 sucker punch 따위는 [06:04.42]날 쓰러뜨릴 수는 없지 [06:05.99]날아다녀 12라운드 벌어 [06:07.91]유로 달러 파운드 [06:08.87]정상은 추우니 지퍼 올려 [06:10.59]내 구스다운 [06:11.50]할렐루야 할렐루야 [06:12.76]사탄에 사탕발림에도 [06:14.43]안 뚫려 내 영혼은 bullet proof야 [06:16.85]좁아지는 시야 제로의 영역에서도 [06:19.43]간지 죽이는 드리프트 skirt see ya [06:22.21]참 멀리 돌아왔지 쌍스러워 [06:24.28]쌈마이라 붙은 딱지 [06:25.39]긁어 부스럼 eww 명치 세게 맞았지 [06:28.13]내가 내 무덤을 판다 했지만 사실 [06:30.68]난 나만의 방식 [06:31.64]형제들과 판을 짰지 [06:33.20]돈을 벌어 난 [06:34.32]Popping crystal champagne bottle now [06:36.36]배 터질때까지 떠먹여 전부 다 [06:38.63]가족 친구 다 태워 [06:39.89]모가지 빳빳이 세워 [06:41.26]이빨 까 우주로 가 [06:42.47]내 뻥카 노빠꾸 I'm out




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